David Pan Real Estate Team is dedicated to providing valuable, in-depth and full real estate services in Greater Vancouver. Deeply in real estate business of Greater Vancouver for more than ten years. The team leader David Pan has more than ten years of management experience in Fortune 500 companies, has experience in 800+ real estate transactions, and the transaction amount is > 500 million Canadian dollars.  10+ years FV Real Estate Board Medallion Award, > 3 years top 1% (first one percent) Award. The team is dedicated, with rich experience, professional and dedicated service spirit, and will definitely be your most reliable service provider in your real estate transactions.


德威地产致力于提供有价值、有深度的大温房产服务。德威地产团队深耕大温十几年,团队负责人David Pan有十年以上国际五百强企业管理经验,有800+个房地产交易项目经验,直接交易金额五亿加元,已经连续10+年获FV地产局金牌经纪人大奖,荣获多年Top1%(首百分之一)的业绩金奖。团队尽心尽力,凭借丰富的经验,专业专注的服务精神,定会是您在🇨🇦置业、销售、管理房产中最可信赖的朋友。

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