David Pan Surrey Realtor 三角洲是加拿大卑诗省大温哥华地区的一个地方行政区。它位于菲沙河南支流注入乔治亚海峡所在,北面隔河与列治文和新威斯敏斯特相望,东临素里,南面则与美国华盛顿州的罗伯茨角为邻。三角洲是由三个独特的社区构成,分别是拉德纳、措瓦森和北三角洲。三角洲接近美加边境,有大量来往温哥华和美国之间的车辆驶经此地,而区内的措瓦森亦设有渡轮码头服务来往温哥华岛的航线,因此三角洲在低陆平原交通中担当了重要角色。区内的主要干道如下:卑诗省99号公路,属高速公路规格,经乔治·马西隧道北通列治文,南达美国边境(在区内则主要呈东西走向);卑诗省91号公路,大致属高速公路规格(除了于一处设有灯口外),经阿力克斯·菲沙桥通往列治文和新威斯敏斯特;卑诗省10号公路,向东通往素里和兰里区;卑诗省17号公路,连接99号公路和措瓦森的卑诗渡轮码头。


Delta is a city in British Columbia, and forms part of Greater Vancouver. Located south of Richmond, it is bordered by the Fraser River to the north, the United States (Point Roberts, Washington) to the south and the city of Surrey to the east. Delta is composed of three distinct communities: Ladner, Tsawwassen, and North Delta. Delta is a major transportation hub for the Lower Mainland. Most vehicles leaving Vancouver for the United States pass through Delta’s borders. Many vehicles destined for Vancouver Island use the Tsawwassen ferry terminal in Delta.
Highway 99 links Richmond to Delta via the George Massey Tunnel, built in 1959. North Delta is linked to New Westminster and Richmond by Highway 91 and the massive Alex Fraser Bridge (opened in 1986). Delta is linked to Surrey, Langley, and all points eastward by Highway 10. Highway 17 in Delta provides a connection to the Tsawwassen B.C. Ferry terminal, which provides car ferry connections to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. In December 2013, north of the current junction with Deltaport Way, Highway 17 will be rerouted upon completion of the "South Fraser Perimeter Road, and will primarily run parallel to River Road through Tilbury and North Delta to all points east. The remaining stretch of Highway 17 north of that point will be renamed Highway 17A.

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